PressMachine Communication

PressMachine is a communication tool with Press Release & Press Room. It allows you to find media contacts, easily manage mailing lists and send out unlimited number of press releases at a fixed cost. In the pressroom, you can publish press releases, pictures and documents in a search engine friendly newsroom. Would you like to know more, go to NewsMachine or click on the link below.

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Press releases

The service allows you to build mailing lists based on a media database, distributing press releases. You have full control of who you are sending information to. PressMachine gives you the opportunity to pre-prepare press releases and mailing lists for mailing at a later scheduled time. All sent press releases are stored in PressMachine, sorted by date, content, recipient, subject area.

Own mailing lists

In our tool you manage your mailings and choose who and in what channels you want to spread your information, such as news agencies, editors or individual journalists. Journalists and editors are sorted by the editorial geographic surveillance area, either by county, city or municipality. Sorting can also be obtained by subject and area of ​​interest.

Press room

All PressMachine customers have their own pressroom at where everyone's press releases, press contacts, documents, pictures and basic information gather in one place. Publication of information can be controlled from your PressMachine account and published in a search engine optimized manner.