1. Terms of Service

1.1. These terms and conditions, together with the NewsMachine Terms of Service, constitute the complete terms and conditions for the use of PressMachine. Upon purchase of PressMachine, the buyer is entitled to use the service according to the buyer's own wishes, subject to the restrictions stated below.

2. Approval

2.1. By clicking "yes" (or equivalent), the customer has accepted the terms of use of PressMachine as described in this document.

3. The service

3.1. PressMachine is a service for organizing and distributing press releases to the media. With PressMachine you can search for editors and journalists by name and region to build a distribution list and then send press releases to the media.

4. Your commitments

4.1. PressMachine may only be used for sending press releases. The service may not be used in such a way that the recipient can perceive the mailing as "spam" or the equivalent.

4.2. You undertake to comply with applicable laws and general industry rules when using PressMachine. It is forbidden to use e-mail addresses from PressMachine to distribute information that is in violation of law, which has been caused by crime or is being used for criminal offenses.

4.3. The release of press releases shall be in accordance with the Personal Data Act (PUL) and good practice.

4.4. You are solely responsible for the press information and undertake to analyze and critically evaluate its content before sending, publishing, distributing or otherwise transfering press information through PressMachine.

4.5. You must have sufficient rights to the press information including, but not limited to, photos and movies. Your rights must include the right to spread, multiply, modify and otherwise use the press information in connection with the use of PressMachine. Note that you must, among other things, have the consent of all persons who are visible on images or in movies.

4.6. Press information may not contain anything that promotes or contributes to criminal activity. It must not discriminate with regard to race, color, national or ethical origin, creed or sexual orientation, disability or illness, or otherwise include prohibition, violation, harassment or threat or inappropriate, vulgar, offensive, dishonest, insulting, racist, pornographic Or sexist.

4.7. You may not copy or modify software contained in PressMachine or attempt to access the source code of such software. You are not entitled to expose the malicious code service, attempt to prevent or interfere with the service or otherwise attempt to gain unauthorized access to the service. When using PressMachine, you may not falsely represent yourself as a person or organization, or falsely state or otherwise give a false description of your connection to a person or organization.

4.8. NewsMachine reserves the right to remove all or part of the press information at any time without notice. However, such a measure by NewsMachine does not entitle you to a claim for compensation.

5. Support for PressMachine

5.1. Our support is unless otherwise announced during weekdays during normal office hours (09.00-17.00 CEST). The support is closed during all Swedish public holidays. You can contact Support by phone on 08-46 505 300, alternatively by email: support (at) newsmachine.com

6. Operation of PressMachine

6.1. PressMachine is normally operational 24 hours a day, but NewMachine does not guarantee that the service is completely free of interference. The operation is supervised by the recruiting staff and an automatic alarm system that signals when interference in PressMachine has occurred. NewsMachine reserves the right to correct errors or failures as we deem appropriate, and we also reserve the right to shut down PressMachine for maintenance or upgrades.

6.2. We do not guarantee that PressMachine is completely free from the information provided, and any errors in the information will not entitle you to any claim. However, in the event of any errors or disturbances, we undertake to correct the errors within a reasonable period of time.

7. Changes in PressMachine

7.1. We reserve the right to make changes to operating procedures, technical specifications, systems, etc. You are informed that PressMachine is subject to ongoing development and will change over time.

8. Limitations of Liability

8.1. NewsMachine is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage or other inconvenience caused by errors in the information or missing or delayed delivery. NewsMachine is not responsible for any violations or damages caused to you by a third person.

8.2. NewsMachine will only replace you for verified and reasonable costs that occurred as a direct consequence of the negligence of NewsMachine. Consequently, you are not entitled to compensation for indirect costs, damages or losses, such as lost profits, unnecessary costs and other consequential damages, even if NewsMachine has been advised of the possibility of such costs incurred. Furthermore, NewsMachine shall not be liable for any damages arising from circumstances described in item 9 below.

8.3. Regardless of the above, the total liability of NewsMachine is limited to a sum equal to the cost of a (1) year subscription fee in accordance with the current price list for PressMachine.

A claim for damages is invalid if the case is not brought to court within one year from the date on which the circumstances supporting the claims came to the customer's knowledge or would have come to the customer's knowledge.

8.4. You are not entitled to any other compensation from NewsMachine as clearly stated in this User Agreement.

9. Reasons for exemption

9.1. NewsMachine is not responsible for any damage and NewsMachine also has no other responsibility if NewsMachine can show that the cause of damage or other issues is dependent on circumstances beyond the NewsMachine's control and as NewsMachine can not reasonably be expected to have predicted nor avoided or avoided the consequences of them. The same applies if an Entrepreneur, Consultant or Reseller of NewsMachine is prevented from performing an assignment due to such circumstances.

10. Injury

10.1. You shall indemnify NewsMachine for all liability, all claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) incurred by NewsMachine or resulting in your violation of these Terms of Service or the NewsMachine Terms and Conditions.

11. Shutdown

11.1. We may terminate you from PressMachine if you fail to fulfill your obligations under these terms of use or any provision in the NewsMachine Terms of Service. You are not entitled to reimbursement of subscription fees due to such a response from NewsMachine.

12. Copyright

12.1. All rights related to PressMachine and the technical solutions related to PressMachine are reserved for NewsMachine. Purchased service may not be used by third parties without written permission from NewsMachine. "Third party" means any party other than the buyer and NewsMachine. The information available through the PressMachine service may not be distributed to third parties.

12.2. NewsMachine may transfer all or part of PressMachine to another company. All rights and obligations that apply between you and NewsMachine will then be valid between you and the company that takes over PressMachine.

13. Modification of Terms

13.1. NewsMachine has the right to amend or add to these Terms of Use as per the changes to NewsMachine Terms and Conditions.

14. Other Terms

14.1. By providing information to NewsMachine or in connection with the use of PressMachine, you agree that NewsMachine uses such information to administer and provide PressMachine and to analyze the use of the Service. The use of the information may include coordination with other information and transfer of data NewsMachine partners.

14.2. You are entitled to request information about your personal data processed by PressMachine once a year. If you would like such information, please send a written and signed request to NewsMachine. If your personal information is incorrect, you may request that the information be corrected, blocked or deleted.