Get ready with me Fotograf/Källa: Nea Asphäll

The film "Get Ready With Me", produced at Stockholm University of the Arts, was awarded a student Oscar for Best International Narrative at the Student Academy Awards in Los Angeles last night.

The film was selected from a total of 1.582 submissions from film schools around the world.

Get ready with me is a student film produced at the Department of Film and Media at the Stockholm University of the Arts. It is produced by Johan Lundström and written by Amanda Högberg and Axel Nygren. Nea Asphäll was the director of photography, the film was edited by Robert Krantz, music by Andreas Ahlm, sound design by Anders Lindahl, and the production coordinator was Abed Rahman Loutfi.

The Department of Film and Media have been represented by students at the Oscars before and we are of course extremely proud. Collaborative creation is used as an educational method at the department, as we are convinced that the ability to collaborate and to take care of each other’s ideas is a prerequisite for good film art.

Scriptwriter Amanda Högberg about winning an Oscar:
- The Oscar statue has always represented an unattainable dream. It was only when we got to see the other contributions that it was possible to understand that it was real because they all held such an incredible level - real Oscar level. And it's so cool to see our generation of filmmakers, to be inspired by such awesome creators. We also hope that this will lead our school to the attention it deserves, so that even more young filmmakers can invest in the dream that we experienced today.

Director Jonathan Etzler summarizes:
– It was incredibly fun to be nominated. Then winning gold is absolutely amazing. It's the best thing that can happen to a movie made at film school, competing with all the film schools in the world.

The film will be showed at Swedish television this spring.


Aspiring youtuber Vendela decides to get up in front of her high school class and show a disturbing video that disrupts the lesson and causes her teacher Lukas to fear for her life. Get Ready With Me is a refreshingly unpredictable thriller about generational power struggles that combines grim satire with the current urgencies of teen angst, social media and fame.


Screen writer: Amanda Högberg och Axel Nygren
Director: Jonatan Etzler
Producer: Johan Lundström
Director of photography: Nea Asphäll
Editor: Robert Krantz
Sound design: Anders Lindahl
Composer: Andreas Ahlm
Production coordinator: Abed Rahman Loutfi


Lukas: Shanti Roney
Vendela: Miriam Benthe
Becka: Omeya Lundqvist
Nellie: Vanja Engström
Emma: Jenna Chaaraoui
Pappan: Robin Keller
Mamman: Jessica Liedberg


Take a look at the trailer på UNIARTSPLAY

Watch the price ceremony at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater 11 October 2018. The speech from the director of "Get ready with me" can be seen 50 minutes into the clip.

More on the award winners of Student Academy Awards 2018 on the Academys homepage.

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