Fotograf/Källa: AdvaaH

Unique High Design Jewelry made of Finest Gemstones & Precious Metals. They are what is known as "Touch Jewelry", jewelry which can be used for contactless payments, authentication/access, personal romantic messages and more. The luxury accessories can further interact with Smartphones through proprietary RFID/NFC technology and are completely waterproof used in an ordinary way. An Extension Of You! Bespoke services are also available at request.

House Of Adorha - Swedish Design, Swiss Made

House Of Adorha reflects, with its elegant design, skillful craftsmanship and high-tech expertise, a truly new ingenious spirit with a mission to combine outstanding esthetic perfection with unobtrusive functionality.

Premium & Luxury Brands from AdvaaH AB, a Swedish Corporation - Offering innovative Touch Jewelry & HealthWatch Products.

ADVAAH is a Fashion-, Health- & Fintech - what we call System FashionTech - startup working at the crossroads of where jewelry-, electronics- and mobile systems meets in unique, unprecedented ways.