Fotograf/Källa: AdvaaH AB

House of Aron Ash launches its innovative SmartWatch Collection "Compagnon Vital" setting a new standard for watches offering a unique form factor combined with sensors enabling advanced health monitoring applications & more.

Stockholm, SWEDEN: Today, The House of Aron Ash - a luxury brand from Swedish jewelry/fashiontech company AdvaaH AB - launches its innovative SmartWatch Collection “Compagnon Vital”. Setting a new standard for watches, Aron Ash breaks new ground offering a unique form factor combined with sensors facilitating unprecedented capabilities in advanced health monitoring specifically and mobility in general. Thus, becoming the premiere, exclusive design house meeting the vision of the modern consumer.

Compagnon Vital monitors a multitude of critical body parameters in order for the user to continuously understand his/her’s health status; basic parameters like body temperature, heart rate data as well as more advanced diagnostics of skin conductance (sympathetic nervous system) and/or glucose/lactate/sodium/potassium levels realizing a wide range of applications for

(i). Advanced heart rate monitoring

(ii) Predictive epileptical seizures monitoring

(iii). Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and

(iv). Advanced fitness/health monitoring.

It also provides the capability to perform instant, seamless professional photography as well as all the basic functionalities Smartwatches of today offers.


Based on a novel, patent protected technology platform the Compagnon Vital Collection has a classic, elegant design made of gold- or silver plated stainless steel materials.




Aron Ash reflects, with its elegant design, skillful craftsmanship and high-tech expertise, a truly new ingenious spirit with a mission to combine outstanding esthetic perfection with unobtrusive functionality.

About House of Aron Ash: The House of Aron Ash a brand from the Swedish company AdvaaH AB. Established in 2016 it combines the craftsmanship and experience sprung from the fashion luxury business as well as the mobile electronics industry.

ADVAAH is a Fashion-, Health- & Fintech - what we call System FashionTech - startup working at the crossroads of where jewelry-, electronics- and mobile systems meets in unique, unprecedented ways.