Søren Staermose is the producer of The Truth Will Out which had premiere on the 21st August at Kanal 5. He is also known for his work with The Millennium film series. NORDISK FILM & TV FOND published an article on Thursday last week about the launch and what's coming up.

"Whose idea was it to cast Sweden’s top comedian Robert Gustafsson as a sombre crime inspector, plagued by personal demons?
Staermose: It was a strange coincidence. Leif GW Persson was inspired by Bo Widerberg’s 1976 procedural The Man on the Roof, which had comedian Carl-Gustav Lindstedt in the main role. When we produced the original Martin Beck series in the early 90s, we used comedian Gösta Ekman. Then Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind had the same idea for the part of inspector Peter Wendel, so basically we all shared a common vision from the very beginning. Robert Gustafsson is a brilliant comedian; this was a very challenging for him, especially in a long-running series."

Keep up the good work Søren!

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