Fotograf/Källa: Einar Kling-Odencrants

The emergence of contemporary circus is about to take Stockholm by storm The 18 third year students from the graduating class of 2018 in the Bachelor Programme in circus at DOCH invite you to experience their “Closing Acts”, the final step before entering the professional arena and touring the world.

These graduates, led by the excellent pedagogical team from DOCH, are inviting you to discover a performance presenting a wide range of circus expression, harmonizing a variety of circus disciplines: teeterboard, juggling, vertical rope, tight wire, Chinese pole as well as other spectacular circus skills.

With an innovative and contemporary approach, these graduates are on a mission to amaze us, to make us laugh but also touch us and make us think, exhibiting the innovative and contemporary approach that they have develop here with us which is the signature of our internationally acclaimed circus education here at DOCH. Our students and their visions will challenge the present and change the world.

Premiere (by invitation only)
May 14th   19.00

May 15th, 19.00
May 16th, 19.00
May 18th, 19.00
May 19th, 14.00 and 19.00
May 20th, 16.00

Each show is about two hours and is suited for a family audience.

Place: Circus Hall at Brinellvägen 34, nearest subway is Tekniska Högskolan



About the Bachelor Programme in Circus, School of Dance and Circus/Stockholm University of the Arts

The Circus education at DOCH offers knowledge about, and an understanding of, the many forms of expression in circus. It also initiates innovative processes in methods of working and of expressing oneself in close relationship to choreography and the performing arts. The education uses the skills and the artistic traditions as a foundation on which to build high level technical and artistic competences in new practices.  Our graduates have joined productions of renowned companies such as Cirkus Cirkör, Cirque du Soleil, 7th fingers as well as touring with their own newly founded companies. Since 2010 our students have shined in prestigious circus festivals all around the world. DOCH and its students are celebrated with prizes and recognition for its high level performing of the skills, novelty, originality and humanistic approaches to the art of circus.

For more information about tickets, please contact
Gunilla Egevi, Coordinator

We offer special prices to schools and group of 20 and more.

To book a performance please contact
Charlie Prag, Producer

For more info about the programme
Marie-Andrée Robitaille, Head of Programme

For press inquiries, please contact:
Rickard Donatello, Communications Officer

Vi utbildar och forskar inom cirkus, dans, film, media, opera, teater och annan scenkonst. Vi vill med vår unika sammansättning av utbildningar och konstnärlig forskning ge nya möjligheter för framtidens kunskaps- och samhällsutveckling.


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