House Of Adorha Launches Luxury Touch Jewelry

Pressmeddelanden - Publicerad: 2020-03-06 14:11 CET - AdvaaH

Unique High Design Jewelry made of Finest Gemstones & Precious Metals. They are what is known as "Touch Jewelry", jewelry which can be used for contactless payments, authentication/access, personal romantic messages and more. The luxury accessories can further interact with Smartphones through proprietary RFID/NFC technology and are completely waterproof used in an ordinary way. An Extension Of You! Bespoke services are also available at request.

House Of Aron Ash Launches Blood Pressure Monitoring HealthWatch

Pressmeddelanden - Publicerad: 2020-03-04 11:02 CET - AdvaaH

Presenting Blaze. A truly one-of-a-kind luxury HealthWatch offering the unprecedented possibility to measure blood pressure, one of the most vital health parameters for a person to monitor. Additionally, packed with other state-of-the-art health monitoring sensors (body temperature, heart rate/pulse, blood oxygen saturation) , an advanced fitness coach, music storage, watch faces, apps & more.

House of Aron Ash launches “Compagnon Vital” – The Ultimate SmartWatch

Pressmeddelanden - Publicerad: 2018-03-19 20:17 CET - AdvaaH

House of Aron Ash launches its innovative SmartWatch Collection "Compagnon Vital" setting a new standard for watches offering a unique form factor combined with sensors enabling advanced health monitoring applications & more.